• Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    • 50cm/19.6" X 40cm/15.7" X 1.5cm/06"
  • Status

    Finished ====> 350EUR

Theme of the painting – Brain synapses and universe reflected in each other

We only observe what our brain is conditioned to process. The phenomenon of perception has correlation to the universe reflected visually as the brain synapses, which we correlated thanks to the computers, they helped us visualize what we already thought existed. AI is increasingly giving us the options to change the reality through applications of filters; these filters are going so far as to mimic various representational art movements, but the original input is still a photography or a painting created by a human. The processing part seems to be a computer’s forte, in a way our cognition and perception is increasingly influenced by computers. This painting is a depiction of the state of brain reflecting upon itself and the universe as one. All of this is in search for greater access to the other worldly, to the extent it is helping our imagination (or in some detrimental cases replacing the imagination). As we explore the world within world within world, and start appreciating the significance of each of those worlds, we will understand that the true power and purpose is within the multidimensional, imaginative realm.

Charlie: Every civilization depends heavily on the senses in order to create a pre-conceived notion about reality and how things function. The stronger and more complex the developmental stage the more difficult it is to accept new ways and to see through the illusions of what is being perceived. Earling: I sometimes see my fellow humans so wrapped up in their world that the world around them fades away. Usually they end up introducing this new world for the others to enter, and the forms could range from scientific discoveries, innovations, to purely abstract artistic, religious, technological, but I often ask myself why is it all disconnected and separated.