• Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    • 50cm/19.6" X 40cm/15.7" X 1.5cm/06"
  • Status

    Finished ====> 3 pieces 300 EUR each - total 900EUR

Theme Fear of the unknown, fearing the inevitable Balkan Triptych no.1, no. 2 and no.3

Slow, slow, slow down, please slow down, we are moving too fast: Tourists in the transportation through Balkans Slow, slow, slow down, please slow down, we are moving too fast: Inhabitants of the Balkans when faced with modern society. This is what they were saying in the last 30 years: “We want communism, we want anarchism, we want capitalism, we want to destroy each other, we want to be looked up to, because at some point in history we were regarded as the most advanced. We want others to hold our hands, but we never want to say that aloud. We are the only divine, even God says so when he was talking to the monks and priest of our Churches, that is why we have so many different churches”. Reality is that this is a melting part of civilization, a sadness. There are so many melting cultures, but this painting is exactly the representative of the situation that might improve with time; it is a slow process. Giraffes have to come, they are on the way, but everyone is afraid of them. They look like aliens (they are “the worst them”) the inhabitants will even embrace each other only to fight off the Giraffes. They are emerging like shadows from the horizon, the inhabitants seek refuge in conspiracy theories and blame the most advanced countries for the Giraffes. The more advanced countries are not all mighty, that is something always forgotten and replaced with hatred towards the unidentified enemy, just like kids do at a certain stage of growing up. The red above them is the mind, the evolution, the intelligence, civilization, it is inevitable. The blue underneath is the Adriatic sea. The innocence from which all was born, supported and nurtured.

Evolution is such a monstrous machine: it creates, it grinds, produces, demolishes, binds and separates, just like Art or Civilization. It is a gate through which every entity has to go through, but the question of a biologically formed intelligence remains: what happens to the emotions? Those most noble of the feelings, or are they?

Charlie: Your particular planet produced immense number of species that survived through developing various niche skills, techniques, wings, fins, survival edges, however at the times of massive destruction and purging which happened cyclically due to celestial impacts, at least in the last case, it was the most caring of animals that developed into the civilization and furthered the intelligence.

Earling: Caring how?