• Medium

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimensions

    • 50cm/19.6" X 40cm/15.7" X 1.5cm/06"
  • Status

    Finished ====> 480EUR

Theme of the painting – Ultimate reflection and the furthest reaches of the abstraction

This painting is the representation of reflection in water, reflection in life and reflection reflecting the starry night by Van Gogh. The solitude of the thinking, reflecting human, alone, an outcast, impossible to connect with any other creature due to the rarefied air that he is breathing and his brilliance is the curse that brought him to that area of rarefied air. The only way forward is by being the authentic self and as that represents such an unacceptable prospect, the salvation is in the creation which reflects everything within. The universe in accordance to the human symmetry, which is faintly visible in the upper middle part of the painting with yellow cloak, is just a reminiscence to this sometimes fatal construct. Mostly because planet earth cannot sustain all the changes happening to it as a result of human centred attitude. Yes, the thinking processes and the reflections of all the elements affected by gravity that fall, float and fly are the ones that understand the deep universal truth of reflection and it’s power of connecting.

Charlie: The universal is such an important concept, one of the most important in the general structuring of the elements. They seem simple and disconnected but in reality the whole system is corresponding to the universal rules and that is why you all are able to perceive so many reflections, similarities, symmetries and coincidences. The reflection doesn’t only happen in concept but also in movements of time. Earling: I have been among the clouds and I saw the elements illuminated in their own light and the clouds as a whole composition were talking to me in a primordial language. Other Earlings were questioning this, and regarded it as a sign of craziness and too impractical, but then they started innovating and then they started doing arts, and those very same things that they were condemning were making them progress, reinvent themselves and raising them to another level of comfort, curiosity and supreme understanding. Or at least what some of them perceived as supreme, I personally believe that the world supreme is misused in so many cases.